Write Now. Right Now.

Me: Write?

God: Right.

Me: Yeah right.

God: Write.

Me: …

That’s the shortened version of the constant back and forth dialogue about writing- part of discovering my God-given purpose on earth. I don’t like to write unless I have something to say. In complete honesty, I know that I can write a pretty good sentence but I’m not a laureate and I find that the entire process can be rather exhausting. I admire people who write for a living, that includes authors, journalists, copywriters and everything in between because it is not an easy task. I’ve been an avid reader all my life and writing has been a natural extension, from spontaneous journals to poetry and essays. It is through my writing that I have seen success. Success from winning scholarships, to forming Strong + Elite (S+E) and creating online content, to writing, editing and self-publishing my book Nappy by Nature

During one of my recent mastermind sessions with a friend they suggested I should write more and I vehemently responded, “Don’t nobody want to write for the rest of their lives.” An astonishing, and at the time hilarious, response. In my life and my Christian walk the more I don’t want to do something is usually a sign that I should be doing it. It’s so easy to obey God when what is required is something you enjoy doing, it doesn’t challenge you. However, to obey God when the task is undesirable is where the true test comes in. By obeying God and telling some of my most personal truths in Nappy by Nature I’ve inspired others, which has been surprisingly rewarding. To obey is where my faith meets work and I grow. So I will write right now. My writing will continue to expand beyond my personal projects to other assignments I have been called to. 

So this is me writing.                                                            

This is me obeying. 

Stay tuned.


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