Party of One

My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.
— Warsan Shire

Watching my Snapchat story from my latest outing (because who doesn't watch their story repeatedly), the All Things Work Together Tour, featuring Lecrae, Aha Gazelle and 1kPhew, I couldn't help laughing hysterically at myself. Ninety-nine percent of the videos all I can hear is me screaming and singing off-key while some of the shots are blurry from my jumping up and down while filming. I had a ball, and I went alone.  

The idea of going out alone to social gatherings and public spaces can still be deemed odd or intimidating; but, there is something special about being able to "date" yourself as some say. I am a fan of going to restaurants, shows, events, and anything else alone. By going solo I have become comfortable with myself and my presence without the crutch of another person. This year- with a shoe-string budget because I’m still getting my life together like everyone else- I took a trip to Philadelphia for a long weekend. I ate, read, walked the streets, and enjoyed exploring the city. My singular presence is enough and I am darn good company.

Now don't be mistaken, I love hanging out with my friends and making memories with a group, however, I do not let the presence or absence of others determine what I can and cannot do or my level enjoyment. If I always waited to find someone to accompany me I would have missed out on countless experiences.

I have found the beauty in being a party of one. Don’t be embarrassed to take that selfie in the crowd or ask a stranger to take a photo of you to capture the moment. Find balance between going alone and with friends. Get comfortable in your solitude.


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