Tis the Season of Inquires*

It’s the holiday time and if you’re anything like me it’s one of your favorite times of the year. Good vibes, great food and even better people are constantly around. However, you may also be victim to the infamous “good-natured” questions that come with the holiday season. Questions from parents and well-meaning relatives about your child-bearing status or family friends curious about your career. I know it’s all out of love so in the spirit of the holidays I’ve taken it upon myself to answer some of the most frequently asked questions now. Go on and read up so when we see each other we can get right to the meat and potatoes (literally and figuratively).

How old are you? I’m 27 now.
Wow, I remember when you were born! Oh, I know time flies.
So where’s the boyfriend? I'm single.
But you’re dating, right? NYC is full of men. No, I'm not dating anyone.
But you want kids? Yes, I want kids.
Well girl, when are you going to get them? I'm in no rush.
You know you aren’t getting any younger. I trust God’s timing.
So how is your job? Work is good.
What do you do again? I work in media.
You wrote a book right? Yes, my website and book are going good. You can buy it from me or on Amazon (forewarning if you ask me about my book I will try to sell it to you, I always have copy on me and I accept cards).
And what do you want to do with the site and your job? I'm still figuring everything out but I have an idea of where it’s all going. Stay tuned.
How are your parents doing? My parents are great.
And your brothers? My siblings are good.
Good, I see them on Facebook and they are men now. Your parents did a good job. Yep, they are super tall and great young men…
Well it was so good to see you. Yeah, good chatting with you too.


*Title to be read to the tune of “Deck the Halls”

Cover photo by CreateHER Stock.


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