Drip Living Water: 2018 Faith Reflection

I’ve been in church my whole life, but I haven’t known God intimately my entire life.


This year was unlike any other for me in my maturing faith.

I started Back Pew, which has challenged me in more ways than I can say- from consistency to responsibility to the subscribers. Back Pew has allowed me to grow in my gifts and learn more about God, myself, His love and plans. Through sharing the word, and providing inspiration (with my healthy dose of sarcasm) I fasted and prayed regularly to ensure I was sharing an “on-time” word and produced sound messages.

Also, in addition to the usual Sunday service and bible study, I was fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing young adult ministry, host bible studies with friends, attend adult Sunday school classes, and even travel to a discipleship conference. At each of these I was able to delve into the bible like never before, learn new applications, uncover more intricacies of the stories, and all of these helped to reveal God’s character to me.

I was also able to engage in community like I haven’t done in previous years. Since moving to New York I hadn’t had a community of believers I could talk to regularly, fellowship with, laugh and pray with outside of my close friends. I was a member of a large church and I become discontent, but this year I found a new home church and am building a support system of people who see me. I think I’ve found my church family, something I haven’t had since adolescence.

This year I was intentional with my faith. I purposely read the word, asked tough questions, and sought out answers- and not just by myself but with others too.

I’ve come to the realization that being a theologian doesn’t make you a Christian, but being a Christian makes you a theologian and I have so enjoyed learning God.

Charell Strong