What's in a name?

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So what's up with the name Charell I Am? 

My name is Charell, duh. You remember every year at the beginning of school when the teacher would take attendance? And of course, there were a few names that caused the teacher to pause and try to phonetically pronounce a student's name or give up altogether and say their last name instead. Yep, I was one of those students. And now one of those adults. Some people struggle initially and quickly catch on while others tongues are as lazy as they are. 

I am Charell 

With a 'C'

One 'R'

Two 'L's'

No 'E' at the end

You know how they say "work until you no longer need to be introduced"? I'm working until my name is never spelled (or pronounced) incorrectly again. What's your reason?

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