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Like many millennials, Charell Strong currently works in corporate America while actively pursuing and discovering her entrepreneurial dreams and passions. Charell is a media professional and founder of Strong and Elite (S+E), a lifestyle site with the motto “She Dares to Exist” with the mission is to inspire and lead millennial minority women to find their personal vision through relatable stories so they can pursue their passions without fear. She is also the creator the Back Pew, a multimedia company that provides Godly and inspirational content that is culturally relevant. 

At the start of her career Charell worked in the fashion industry with licensed brands Lacoste, Kenneth Cole and Original Penguin to develop and sell men’s loungewear and underwear. She currently works at Horizon Media, the largest privately held media services agency in the world, helping to coordinate broadcast commercial schedules for multiple brands airing across national, network and local television and radio.

In addition to her work with high profile brands she is also a writer, creating content for her business as well as others and has written for CRWN Magazine. She self-published her first book Nappy by Nature, a collection of writings chronicling her life and journey of self-discovery. Nappy by Nature shares some of Charell’s most personal and vulnerable moments to inspire others to recount their journeys and find their confidence and voice.

Charell is from Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas, and currently lives in New York City. Charell moved to New York City with no job lined up or previous visits to the big city. She is no stranger to fear and taking the proverbial jump into the unknown. It’s her constant embracing of fear, instead of letting it deter her, that helps her success. Charell is still out learning and navigating this thing called life and embracing every moment of it.

Download my resume or view myLinkedIn profile here, and connect with me everywhere on the internet @charelliam.