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Back pew

Back Pew is a weekly newsletter that provides Godly and inspirational content that is culturally relevant and bridges the gap between the world and the church. 

Manna for the Migos lovers.

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Nappy by nature

Nappy by Nature is a collection of writings chronicling the author’s life from childhood and adolescence to her college years and young adulthood. A hodgepodge of experiences that shape and mold while teaching valuable lessons, often ones that aren’t realized until years later. The author sheds light on topics from the fun—riding your bike and family memories- to the thoughtful—what it means for her to be black and woman. Readers will not only enjoy the stories but find parallels between the author and her family and theirs, proving many experiences are universal, and if not the experience, that the lessons and moments in life that define us will always be unforgettable. Nappy by Nature is a personal story others can find themselves in, either through laughter, tears or both.


strong and elite

The mission of Strong and Elite (S+E) is to inspire and lead millennial minority women to find their personal vision through relatable stories so they can pursue their passions without fear. The motto is "She Dares to Exist" which recognizes and empowers minority women, whose mere existence and success in the world is an accomplishment. S+E seeks to fulfill its mission through interviews with novice women “Rookies” and seasoned experts “Veterans” who share their journeys to success. In addition to interviews the website covers current and culturally relevant events and news, as well as hosts offline events to foster community.

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I love to help and this simple act as allowed me to work with some dope creators:

CRWN Magazine- Editor and Writer for the Manifesto, Issue 1

Mimconnect- Events Manager, coordinating professional and culturally relevant events for NYC media professionals. Partnering with companies and employees from media entities such as Buzzfeed, Anamoly, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

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From hosting Strong + Elite events to sitting on panels it’s always a blessing to share wisdom, inspiration, and practical tools for success.