Avenue Music Group Talent Panel

I was invited to participate in a high school talent panel hosted by Avenue Music Group (AMG) at FDNY High School in Brooklyn, New York. The focus of the panel was to expose the students to entrepreneurship and goal setting with a sub-focus on transitioning from high school and avoiding peer pressure. Panelists included musicians, entrepreneurs and entertainment/media professionals. Unlike a traditional panel with the speakers facing the crowd, AMG made it interactive for the students. We sat among the students and had a round table discussion on the various topics allowing for open conversation and a relaxing environment for the students and us.

One of my key pieces of advice was start today. "You said tomorrow yesterday," is a favorite quote of mine that is a stark reminder to get to it. If you have something you are interested in go for it. Don't put it off, instead find a way to cultivate and nurture it not suppress it. 

It was amazing to be a part of the panel and the students loved it, each walking away with something they didn’t know before. The students were candid and openly participated, which the relaxed setting contributed to. AMG is a phenomenal organization and I was honored to be asked to participate in the panel. For more on AMG and getting involved with their community outreach visit their site at AMGer.org.

 Professional photos courtesy of AMG. Group photo courtesy of Leah James.

Charell Strong